Board of Directors

The board of directors of Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission is representative of the local units of government as required by the enabling legislation I.C. 36-7-7. Annually, each of the five largest municipalities appoint a representative to the board as do each of the county boards of commissioners and the county councils. In addition, the Governor makes an annual appointment. This establishes a full board of 43 members to govern the policies and activities of the Commission, and presents a broad regional forum within which to discuss, debate and act on issues affecting rural communities and their economies.

The full board of directors meets quarterly to review the program activities of the staff and to review the monthly activities of the executive board of directors, as well as to discuss and decide on proposed policy matters and the annual budget. In January of each year, the full board elects officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary; and appoints one executive board member from each county. For a listing of the full board of directors and the officers of Indiana 15, please see below.

The executive board of directors meets monthly and conducts the regular business of the Commission: approves contracts and grant awards, reviews the monthly financial reports, discusses program activities in detail, and recommends policy revisions and operating budgets to the full board. The executive board(*) is comprised of eleven members: the four officers, the six county appointments from the full board, and the Governor’s appointee. For the calendar of executive and full board meetings, click here for Calendar of Events. For agenda and minutes, click here.

Crawford County

Name Appointed By
Mr. Morton Dale  County Commissioners
Mr. Bill Breeding  County Council
Ms. Patricia Hahus  Town of Alton
Mr. Michael Benham  Town of English
Mr. R. Whitney Timberlake*  Town of Leavenworth
Mr. Michael Haverstock  Town of Marengo
Mr. Bill Byrd  Town of Milltown

Dubois County

Name Appointed By
Mr. Nick Hostetter  County Commissioners
Ms. Charmian Klem  County Council
Mr. Larry Altstadt  City of Huntingburg
Mr. Paul Lorey* Secratary  City of Jasper
Mr. Mary Ann Cummings*  Town of Birdseye
Ms. Beverly Schulthise* Treasurer  Town of Ferdinand
Mr. Michael V. Ellis  Town of Holland

Orange County

Name Appointed By
Mr. Marshall Noble  County Commissioners
Mr. Jesse Wininger  At-Large
Mr. Jack Hinkle  County Council
Mr. Jim Springer* Town of French Lick
Mr. Mike Fields Town of Orleans
Mr. Gary Barnett Town of Paoli
Ms. John Harrison Town of West Baden Springs

Perry County

Name Appointed By
Mr. Thomas Hauser* County Commissioners
Ms. Tara Damin* Vice-Chairperson  At-Large (1)
Mr. Larry R. James At-Large (2)
Mr. David Etienne County Council
Mr. Joe Hermann City of Cannelton
Mr. Chris Cail City of Tell City
Ms. Sharman Jarboe Town of Troy

Pike County

Name Appointed By
Mr. Mark Flint County Commissioners
Mr. Ryan Coleman At-Large (1)
Mr. Jon Craig* At-Large (2)
Mr. Todd Meadors County Council
Ms. Fran Lewis City of Petersburg
Ms. Pam Coberly Town of Spurgeon
Ms. Debra Lamb Town of Winslow

Spencer County

Name Appointed By
Mr. Al Logsdon* Chairperson County Commissioners
Mr. Todd Ruxer County Council
Ms. Gay Ann Harney City of Rockport
Mr. Mason Seay Town of Chrisney
Mr. Don Wertman Town of Dale
Ms. Angie Fischer Town of Grandview
Mr. Michael Johannes*  Town of Santa Claus

Governor’s Appointee

Stephen Bartels *