Infrastructure Planning for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Planning is applied for to ensure adequate access to affordable water, efficient wastewater treatment and stormwater drainage.

Hazard Mitigation Planning assistance is offered to mitigate potential risks by preparing plans following Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines.  Indiana 15 is familiar with environmental conditions and collaborating with Emergency Planning officials to identify Public Safety needs to improve preparedness.

The staff works with eligible communities in seeking resources for the preparation of long-range Comprehensive Plans as a guide for future development to build communities where people want to live and work.

To promote the effective flow of people and materials within the district, the Commission is a Rural Transportation Planning Organization supported by the Indiana Department of Transportation.  Traffic counts, road classification, walking and bicycling opportunities, ADA promotion, workshops and partnerships continue to evolve and mature towards meeting transportation goals and evaluating the conditions of existing roadway assets.

The geographic information system strengthens collaboration regionally to create maps for planning throughout the region. Community base mapping and corporation limits upon an aerial photograph are prepared and framed for our member communities to assist with planning and local decision making.