Traffic Counts

Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission is a Rural Planning Organization through the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Since 2004, the Commission has submitted a proposal to INDOT to provide transportation planning services and conduct traffic counts on local roads and at grade railroad crossings. The Commission works with INDOT on a rotational basis for each of the six counties to place counters that track volume, speed, and axle classification. The traffic count data is uploaded by the Commission to the Indiana Department of Transportation and can be viewed on the interactive map at

The District staff has also created county road classification system maps, and traffic count maps using their in-house Geographic Information System (GIS).  The District staff is further enhancing in the development of municipal mapping projects.

The Commission also partners with the Indiana Department of Transportation to provide additional traffic counts on the non-state-owned federal aid route (NSOFAR) stations. There are 21 counts to be collected in Perry, 15 in Spencer, 6 in Orange, 72 in Dubois, 4 in Crawford, and 4 in Pike County. These counts are collected over a three-year period. This vehicle volume and classification data is used for state planning and other activities.

Road Asset Management and Community Crossing Program

Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission continues to promote PASER, a road pavement asset and management process. PASER is a report detailing the condition of county and municipal roads. It helps measure progress and prioritization in determining future road projects (what type of work, where, and when) as it relates to road and bridge preservation.   The region’s counties and many municipalities have developed Road Asset Management Plans.  The PASER training is through Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP).   LTAP provides the training on behalf of INDOT.  Launched by the State of Indiana in 2016, is Community Crossings funding allocated to local municipalities and counties for road and bridge improvements.  A road asset management plan is a requirement to be eligible to apply for and receive Community Crossings Funding. LTAP has recently developed a Data Management System (DMS) in which local governments will now submit their Asset Management Plans in an electronic format in the DMS system.

The Commission hosts PASER training and provides assistance to communities in updating their road asset management plans. Community Crossings application support is also available through the Commission. To learn more about the Community Crossing Program, please visit